Get to know the leadership and staff of Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School (Davis A&M).

Tim Jones


Mr. Jones brings his experience building a highly successful small school in New York City. He has a strong background in math and science, and is dedicated to creating a curriculum that is hands-on and rigorous, integrating real-life applications into daily lessons.

Michelle Rothbaum

Assistant Principal

Lester Williams

Dean of Student Engagement

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English Department

Content & Roles Teacher Email
English 9 Darlene Burks
English 10 Elizabeth Lucas
English 11 Amanda Pangrace
English 12 Hayley Hendrix

Electives Department

Content Teacher Email
Advanced Art
John Bell
Boatbuilding Jodi Carpenter
Math Louis Durban
College & Career Readiness Amanda Pangrace
Credit Recovery Amanda Pangrace
Hayley Hendrix

Health/Phys Ed Rodney Collins
Senior Seminar
Karla Courey

Math Department

Content Teacher Email
Applied Algebra 9
Mike Klauss
Math Louis Durban
Algebra 1+
Math Intervention 10
AP Calculus
Kristin Rorapaugh

Science Department

Content Teacher Email
Physics 9 Eric Rozsits
Maritime Science 9 Jodi Carpenter
Aviation Science 10 Stephen Kestel
Biology Leah Binsack

Social Studies Department

Content Teacher Email
World History 9 Dave Shaheen
American History
American Government
Austin Boxler

Intervention Specialists / Aides

Role Teacher Email
Intervention Specialist – English 10 & 12 Co-Teacher Areial Morrison
Intervention Specialist – English 9& 11 Co-Teacher Christian Price
Intervention Specialist – Algebra 1 & Statstics Co-Teacher Joel Reynolds
Intervention Specialist – Algebra 1 & Geometry Co-Teacher Maureen Vogel
Paraprofessional Leslie Scruggs

Principal & Leadership Team

Role Name Email
Principal Tim Jones
Dean of Engagement Tierra Biggers
Model Lead Teacher TBA
Curriculum & Instruction Specialist Michelle Rothbaum

Student Support & Counseling Team

Role Name Email
Community, College & Career Center Coordinator Ms. Corrigan
Planning Center
Instructional Aide (PCIA)
Mr. Rivera
Say Yes Family Support Specialist Ms. Molton
Family Ambassador Ms. Campbell
School Psychologist Ms. Pfeiffer


School Counselor Mr. McCain