Education With an Eye to the Future

Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School is a cutting-edge public high school designed for students who with to pursue their curiosity or passion for aerospace and maritime in a supportive environment that prepares them for college, careers and citizenship. Our mission is to engage students through a personalized, challenging curriculum with real-world connections, internships with community partners, and anytime-anywhere learning, so that they believe in their abilities, explore new opportunities, and chart their own course.

Guiding Principles


All students are respected and appreciated in a diverse learning community build on powerful relationships, which ensures that the emotional an intellectual needs of students are met.


Students, teachers, and other stakeholders spend time together in a joint intellectual effort. Teachers plan and learn together through professional development. Students and teacher exercise choice and make decisions in all elements of school life.


Teachers and students engage in authentic, in-depth learning experiences in the context of real-world maritime and aerospace. Learning occurs in a coherent manner through challenging inquiry and project-based curriculum.

High Expectations & Continuous Assessment

To prepare for college and beyond, students meet high academic standards through a rigorous course of study. Teachers help students monitor, evaluate, reflect upon and guide their own thinking. Students and teachers take thoughtful risks to experience results in learning. On-going assessments provide data that inform the continuous improvement of instruction.


Learning takes place inside the school and out, in cooperation with community, business, and higher education partnerships. Partnerships provide human talent, facilities, technology, and other resources necessary to prepare students for the ever-changing world of work and education.


Collaborative, Hands-On Learning

One of the hallmarks of the Davis A&M experience is a strong emphasis on project-based learning. These hands-on learning opportunities are often collaborative and teach students the value of teamwork and how individual contributions add to the success of a group. These college-ready skills prepare students for post-secondary success.

In the 9th grade Maritime Sciences classes, students learn to model and build a simple boat. They start by trying out different designs and building small models, eventually selecting a design they will use to construct one large boat capable of holding a couple passengers. Eventually, students get to test out the boat that they built by taking it out on Lake Erie.

Other examples of hands-on learning experiences that are unique to the Davis experience include visits to the the Lake Erie Watershed to learn about water quality and the environment, and learning how to fly and repair drones.

Davis A&M also boasts a large state-of-the-art Digital Fabrication Lab. Better known as the Fab Lab, some of the equipment students are exposed to and learn how to use include: 3-D printers, Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, Laser Cutters, CNC Machines and more. They learn how to use both technology and old-fashioned manual labor in combination to create and to make projects.

The Simulation Room is another unique feature of Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School. This area features more state-of-the-art technology, including flight simulators and boat simulators. It’s a great way to start learning how to fly a plane or steer a ship.

A number of field trips are taken throughout the year, including to Burke Lakefront Airport, the Lake Erie Science Center, NASA Glenn Research Center, the International Women’s Air & Space Museum, and more. These trips are fun, but they also tie-in with what students are learning in the classroom.


Portrait of a Davis Graduate

Graduates of Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School will:

Contribute positively to their communities. They will:
  • Contribute meaningfully to groups
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships, managing and resolving conflict constructively
  • Give and receive feedback respectfully
  • Listen and act with empathy
Communicate clearly. They will:
  • Apply positive verbal and non-verbal communication and social skills to interact effectively with others, in groups, and various audiences
  • Collaborate to understand others’ perspectives
  • Seek and use evidence to support thinking and claims orally and in writing
  • Use oral/written discourse to construct arguments and critique reasoning of others
Self-advocate and take charge of their own learning. They will:
  • Set and monitor goals and take personal responsibility for growth and development
  • Have a growth mindset and not fear failure
  • Persevere and persist through difficulties
  • Proactively seek help when facing challenges
  • Be curious – pursuing individual passions and opportunities
Demonstrate courage and confidence when facing new experiences. They will:
  • Demonstrate courage and bravery in exploring new experiences in Aerospace, Maritime, and other fields of interest
  • Approach opportunities with an open mind
  • Consider alternative perspectives both inside and outside the classroom
Think critically and be prepared for the modern world. They will:
  • Solve problems by using the Davis Design Process to ask questions, define problems, and design solutions
  • Use technology effectively to support their message
  • Use technical skills to build concrete models which represent and deepen