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Our Fabrication Lab is state of the art!


Crew club practices rowing with our partner organization, The Foundry.

Aviation Day - 2019

Delon introduced astronaut, Doug Wheelock, at NASA’s Aviation Day.


Interested students receive their Safe Boater’s license and work on our Marine Safety Boat.


Freshmen present findings to community members after a quarter-long “Capstone” project in which they design, print, and test model 3D boats.


Drone club is one thematically related club we offer, along with: Aviation Club, Maritime Club, Fab Lab Club, Sailing, Rowing, and Swimming.


Students apply Fab Lab skills into classroom content.


Our Dean of Engagement runs Community Meetings weekly with students.


Students use our electronics lab to test out and build their own ideas!


Davis students experiment with SCUBA after presenting a homemade boat at the IX Center’s Boat Show last year.


A few seniors helped build a race car at Max Hayes HS.


Senior Sydney Marie-Flowers is our first student to fly solo!


Students are divided into “Crews” and participate in daily community building and academic advising, such as this annual Pumpkin Drop.

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Welcome to Davis Aerospace & Maritime ® High School, located near the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio!

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