Thank you for scheduling a Shadow Visit at Davis A&M HS. (If you want to schedule a shadow visit, please fill out this form.)
Below are some logistics to help prepare for this visit.
Your student should please:
  • Wear a mask while visiting, regardless of vaccination status.  All staff and students will be wearing masks.
  • Enter through the front entrance of our building at 1440 Lakeside Avenue between 9:15-9:30AM and be picked up from the same location at 10:45AM. S/he will enter through security and head up to the 5th floor. You are welcome to accompany your student if you would like to join the school tour at the beginning of the visit.
  • Dress professionally (no jeans or sweats, please). The school can get cold so s/he may want to bring a sweater.
  • Be sure to get their official visit documentation letter and feedback form before leaving.
  • Feel free to look at our website before the visit.
Please contact Michelle (216.835.6424) / or our school secretary (216.838.2500) at any time for questions, changes, or cancellations.
Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!