The links on this page outline the steps for obtaining a Minor Work Permit.  Due to Covid-19 school closure students do not need the signatures from the school.  

Complete the Application and Consent forms, bring them to your place of work, and have your employer keep them on file.  You must bring these documents to school so we can issue the work permit once we re-open.
See the FAQ link below for more details.  

#34 on FAQ –

34. How can students go about obtaining a work permit under Ohio’s Minor Labor Laws if schools are closed?

According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, if a minor has all necessary paperwork completed and is unable to get the permit processed due to school closure, the completed paperwork may itself stand in the place of the physically printed permit. Employers should keep the paperwork on file, just like they would the permit. The formal permit should be processed as soon as the school is reopened.

As a reminder, hour restrictions outlined in Ohio Revised Code Section 4109 are still in place for any week that was not a pre-planned school holiday (i.e., spring break) and the prohibited/hazardous occupation restrictions are still active. 

To download a copy of the Parent or Guardian Consent Form for Minor Work Permit, click here .

For questions, call the Division of Industrial Compliance’s Bureau of Wage and Hour Administration at 614-644-2239 or email