College Representatives’ Visits

Representatives from colleges and universities all over the nation will visit Davis A&M High school each year to meet with students. Sophomores are encouraged to meet with the representatives to gain first-hand information about the schools and to express their interest in the school. Students must sign up in the Naviance to attend a college session.

The Campus Visit

The college visit is an opportunity to see how an institution fits your individual selection criteria. This is one of the most important steps in the college search and selection process. After you have selected a group of possible college choices, it is a good idea to visit these schools. Being physically present on a campus is the most direct way to learn about the school. It is important that parents and student visit together. Each will have a different perspective, and when the visit is over, the family can discuss what they saw and their opinions. Remember: the student will be the one attending the college, but the parent must be comfortable with the choice.

Before visiting a college, make an appointment by calling the school’s admissions office. It is important to have a formal tour of the campus, as schools can look alike and the tour gives each school its own special feeling. Make sure you know the times for the tours and the starting or meeting place for the tour.

Ask if the admissions office offers individual interviews or group sessions and schedule one. This allows you to get more information about the school and can give you a chance to meet the people who will decide on your application. Allow about half a day to see a campus.

Checklist for the Campus Visit

  • Call ahead to find out times of tours and register if necessary.
  • Talk to students; they are friendly and a terrific source of information.
  • Visit classes, especially if you have a specific interest.
  • Try out the food; eating in the dining hall or student center lets you taste the fare and see what the students look like.
  • Visit the student center, the snack bar, and bookstore, and read the student newspaper. (Students who wear the school logo are telling you they like their school.)
  • Go inside the dorms.
  • Ask questions.
  • Meet with a financial aid representative if you have questions about costs.
  • Discuss your chances for success and ask yourself the most important question, “Will I be happy here?”

Important Information

  • The school code or CEEB number for Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School is 360062. This number is required for many documents including ACT and SAT forms.
  • Please watch sign-up deadlines for SAT and ACT testing. There is an additional charge to register late. Forms are available in the Mr. McCain’s office.