Ever wonder why a gigantic ship made of metal is able to float in Lake Erie? Curious why airplanes can sometimes fly through a storm, but sometimes have to go around it? How much do you know about the rich history of Cleveland’s ports?

If you can get kids excited about these questions, then this could be the school where you teach!

Davis Aerospace and Maritime ® High School is a brand new public school in Cleveland, Ohio that will open its doors in the fall of 2017. We are seeking exciting, engaging teachers to join our founding team! We started with about 50 ninth graders and will add a grade each year until we are fully mature. This means you will get to build curriculum and school culture from day 1!

We need teachers who:

  • Want to plan collaboratively with their peers.
  • Are excited to build a hands-on, project-based curriculum.
  • Understand the importance of academic rigor.
  • Strive to make their lessons fun and engaging.
  • Can support kids’ social and emotional growth.

Davis is a unique place. We are supported by a non-profit with extensive connections to the local aerospace and maritime industries. We will leverage their support, alongside our hard work and creativity, to build a highly engaging, rigorous, hands-on curriculum connected to these industries in an authentic way. Kids will be out on boats, behind the scenes at airports, and whatever else we decide will get them excited about school.

We will serve all types of students. Kids who are college bound will have access to honors courses, AP classes, and internships to get them ready. If they need experiences to prepare them for good jobs right after high school, we will provide those too.

We are currently taking applications for teachers in all content areas. For more information, please email the principal, Tim Jones at

Or apply directly through Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Make sure to attach a resume!