Davis Aerospace and Maritime ® features a rigorous, engaging, hands-on curriculum centered math and science. Through community partnerships, students have authentic experiences at local airports, at the Port of Cleveland, including opportunities to fly planes and operate boats. Our teachers are dedicated to bringing those experiences back to the classroom so there is an authentic connection between what kids learn inside and outside the building. Students have opportunities for advanced coursework so they are prepared for college. Students also have opportunities to learn real-life work skills so they can find competitive jobs right after high school if they so choose.

9th Grade Classes and Highlights:

  • Maritime Science: Build and design boats using 3D printers and Laser Cutters, Lake Erie Field Guide Project, Obtain “Safe Boater Certificate” and operate school boat.
  • Physics: Design electronic circuits for model boats, build working speakers, build working telescopes
  • World History: Design your own Voyage Plan, Cold War “Zine”
  • Algebra: Great Lakes Shipping Plan, Business Plan Project
  • English 9: What does it mean to be the first?  Read “The Odyssey”
  • Spanish: Learn to read and write in another language

10th Grade Classes and Highlights:

  • Aviation Science: Build and design model aircraft, engineer wings and test them in wind tunnel, Plane Crash Forensics study
  • Environmental Science
  • US History
  • Geometry
  • English

 Davis A&M Electives:

  • Engineering: Build and design model gliders, Use modeling software for personal 3D Printer projects
  • Multimedia: Create Avis Aqua Newspaper
  • Robotics: Lego Robotics Challenges
  • Geography: Maps and Navigation