Davis A&M provides a hands-on curriculum centered around real world applications.

We are preparing our students to be problem solvers who can conduct research, imagine and test solutions, evaluate and analyze data, and draw and communicate conclusions. To develop these skills, Davis students complete a Capstone Project each year of their educational career. These projects draw on content from all their classes, and are completed over a 10 week period. Earlier this year, the 9th grade students completed a Capstone Project focused on design optimization of cargo ship hulls.

The 10th grade students are currently participating in a Capstone Project focused on developing rescue UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to assist in water rescues and prevent drownings in the Great Lakes. Students heard multiple stakeholder perspectives through collaboration with the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium. They are in the process of designing and testing prototypes, which are being mounted to quad copters and fixed wing aircraft to test air-worthiness. Many students at Davis have had the opportunity to fly drones and model airplanes, but designing a specialized payload system is new for nearly all of them. After crunching the data from these tests, students will present out their findings and recommend areas of further development. Please reach out to PHASTAR if you are interested in attending the 10th grade capstone exhibition on June 21st.

Here is a video of the last round of capstone projects from earlier in the 2018-2019 school year, which involved 9th grade students:

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