PHASTAR and the Discover Aviation Center invite you to attend the annual EEA Chapter 1252’s “Flyro Gyro” event at the Lorain County Airport on September 15, 2018. The event runs from 10AM to 2PM.  Free flights will be given to children aged 8-17.  PHASTAR is in talks with EEA 1252 to provide an opportunity for all Davis A&M students attending the event to not only ride in an airplane, but also get a good look at the ground operations at the airport.  In order to fly in a plane, students must have a  waiver and permission form that has been signed by a parent or guardian. No reproductions of the form will be accepted. Please use the form that was distributed at school. Additional forms are available upon requests. PHASTAR will provide students free bus transportation from Davis A&M to the Lorain County Airport.


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