Cleveland, Ohio…..A new CMSD high school will help put students on a path to careers in the aerospace and maritime industries.

The Davis Aerospace & Maritime ® High School, opening for the 2016-17 school year, will blend unique programs with traditional core instruction with an emphasis on science, technology, education and math, or STEM. The high school is ideal for students who want to pursue their curiosity or passion for the aviation, aerospace, maritime or marine industries..

CMSD will support the school in partnership with PHASTAR, a nonprofit aviation corporation dedicated to improving public health, education and safety services in Northeast Ohio.

The school adds another option, in a growing portfolio of high schools, that provides students and families with rigorous, engaging and relevant teaching and learning experiences.

“Working with PHASTAR to create this innovative high school has added another significant dimension to our mission to enhance educational opportunities for our students, as Cleveland has tremendous assets and future opportunities in the aviation and maritime fields,” said Christine Fowler-Mack, CMSD’s chief portfolio officer. “Students are directly benefitting from innovative public-private partnerships, like this, where they are connected to professionals who desire to give back by mentoring and sharing their expertise with students.”

“This is an example of the District moving forward in providing educational opportunities that did not exist before,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. CMSD is taking advantage of Cleveland’s proximity to Lake Erie, several area airports and a vast array of aerospace/maritime-related enterprises. D. Andrew Ferguson, president of PHASTAR, said: “It is only through the passionate dedication of public-private partnerships like this that our underserved students can receive the high-quality, focused education necessary for success in today’s demanding economy.” Students will graduate with a choice of going immediately into a career or moving on to higher education.

Davis Aerospace & Maritime ® High School will open in July in the Lakeside Building, 1440 Lakeside Ave. It will share the building with the Cleveland School of Digital Arts.

To learn more, please join CMSD and PHASTAR from 4:45 to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 13, in the Davis Aerospace & Maritime lobby.

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